Board Care and Maintenance

Thank you for your purchase! Below are details on how to use and maintain your cutting board or charcuterie/serving board. All boards come pre-conditioned and may feel a bit waxy or oily. This is completely normal and helps protect the board during shipping and handling. Before using the board for the first time, wash and dry the board per the procedure below.

How to Wash and Dry:  Wash with warm water, soft dish sponge, and mild dish soap. After rinsing, it is ready to use or store. To store, first wipe dry, then set it in a drying rack or propped up to finish air drying before storing. Do not lay flat to dry and do not wash in dishwasher. 


Maintenance: When your board is looking dull or dry, use the included Nox Woodcraft Board Conditioner to bring it back to shine. Regular board waxing will help prevent the board from warping or cracking. We recommend waxing the board once a month if the board is used regularly.