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Promotional Bulk - Edge Grain Cutting Board - Nightfall

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Juice Groove

Give your clients or business partners something to remember you by and get your name out in front of them at every meal! These custom crafted cutting boards are sure to make them remember you and your business. 

Custom Logo Branding: With the minimum order of 10 boards, we will custom brand/engrave the logo of your choice onto each board! (We normally brand our logo on the flip side of the board from your brand, but we can also leave our logo off the board if desired.)

Shipping and Drop Shipping: For these promotional boards, we can drop ship directly to your specified person or business. Or if you wish to hand them out yourself, we can ship them directly to you. Free Shipping to anywhere in the USA! 

Gift Boxing: All our boards come wrapped in a beautiful gift box with a tin of board conditioner, sure to wow when opened!

Turn Around: Each custom batch of Bulk Promotional boards are special ordered and take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete for the minimum order quantity of 10 boards. 

Our Nightfall Edge Grain Cutting Board features dark walnut edges and provides a heartier feel. 

Premium handcrafted cutting board from natural hardwoods and finished with food safe products. These boards are robust and will stand up to the test of time!

Sizes: These boards come in 3 sizes*

- Small: 11"x14"x1"

- Medium: 11"x17"x1"

- Large: 11"x20"x1"

Premium Hardwoods: These boards feature a mixed pattern of Walnut, Maple, and Cherry. All sourced locally in the Pacific Northwest. 

Food Safe Products: Every cutting board is glued with Titebond III (waterproof and FDA approved for indirect food contact - such as cuttings boards) and finished with a custom blend of food grade mineral oil, bees wax, and carnauba wax. 

Board Conditioner: Each board comes with a 2 oz. tin of custom board conditioner and instructions to keep the cutting board looking and functioning great!

*The dimensions listed are the minimum dimensions. Since each board is made by hand and not a machine, dimensions may vary slightly.