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End Grain Cutting Board - Ambrosia Maple

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Our Classic Maple END Grain Cutting Boards are made out of Ambrosia maple that has a creamy white color that may darken slightly over time to a light straw color and features beautiful darker accents throughout the wood. These simple and elegant cutting boards come with rounded edges and rubber feet. 

Custom Engraving: We now offer free custom engraving! Choose between an initial wrapped inside a wreath or a personalized text. We can also do your business logo or no logo. After placing the order, email us what you would like engraved at and reference your order number. 

Free Shipping to anywhere in the USA! 

Sizes: These boards come in 3 sizes*

- Round: 16" diameter x 1.75" thick

- Square: 24"x12"x1.75" thick

Rubber Feet: Rubber feet with stainless steel hardware is available! If Rubber Feet are selected with the Juice Groove option, the Rubber feet will be mounted on the side of the board without the Juice Groove. 

Premium Hardwoods: These boards are created from Ambrosia Maple.

Food Safe Products: Every cutting board is glued with Titebond III (waterproof and FDA approved for indirect food contact - such as cuttings boards) and finished with a custom blend of food grade mineral oil, bees wax, and carnauba wax. 

Board Conditioner: Each board comes with a 2 oz. tin of custom board conditioner and instructions to keep the cutting board looking and functioning great!

*The dimensions listed are the minimum dimensions. Since each board is made by hand and not a machine, dimensions may vary slightly larger but will not be smaller than listed.