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Nox Woodcraft

Live Edge Walnut Charcuterie/Serving Board

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Ready to be the centerpiece of the party, these Live Edge Walnut Charcuterie/Serving Boards will standout among the mass produced serving trays. Crafted and finished by hand, each board has its' own unique character. 

Free Shipping to anywhere in the USA! 

Sizes: These boards come in 3 different lengths, the width varies from 8-12", thickness varies from 0.5" to 0.75".

- Small: 12" Long

- Medium: 14"-16" Long 

- Large: 18"-20" Long 

Food Safe Products: Every charcuterie/serving board is finished with a custom blend of food grade mineral oil, bees wax, and carnauba wax. 

Packaging and Board Conditioner: Each board is shipped in our gift box comes with a 2 oz. tin of custom board conditioner and instructions to keep the boards looking and functioning great!

*The dimensions listed are the nominal dimensions. Since each board is made by hand and not a machine, dimensions may vary slightly.